Duurzame impact staat niet op zichzelf. Wat de eerste vraag ook is, we leggen de link naar de gehele managementcyclus. We nemen je mee op reis. Aan het einde van de rit beloven we dat jouw bedrijfsvoering zowel in lijn is met de strategie, als met de toekomst.


& Executie

In deze snel veranderende wereld staan bedrijven steeds vaker voor strategische uitdagingen. Sustainalize kan jou helpen bij het creëren van een heldere visie door inzichtelijk te maken hoe trends en ontwikkelingen onze toekomst beïnvloeden. Het scherp hebben van de juiste strategie en focus is cruciaal om de prestaties van je bedrijf te versterken en een duurzame impact te creëren.


& Prestatie

Creëer meer positieve impact door beter inzicht te krijgen in strategische risico’s en kansen, de toeleveringsketen van je bedrijf en een goed werkend managementinformatiesysteem. Sustainalize ondersteunt bij het vertalen van complexe gegevens naar heldere managementinformatie en ontwikkelt tegelijkertijd efficiënte monitoringsystemen.


& duurzaamheids-

Het jaarverslag of duurzaamheidsrapport is een belangrijk middel om stakeholders te informeren en betrekken bij je doelen, prestaties en de uitdagingen waar je voor staat. Echter hoe bepaal je waar je wel en niet over rapporteert? Elk bedrijf is tenslotte anders en elke sector heeft zijn eigen thema’s. Wij kunnen je helpen om wegwijs te worden in deze jungle van trends, ontwikkelingen, wet- en regelgeving rondom verslaggeving en de verwachtingen van je stakeholders.

Sustainalize sustainability strategy


Strategy development​

During your sustainability journey, it is important to understand your company’s current position and the corresponding landscape. Together we will create this insight, looking at general and sector-specific trends and events in your industry that affect your company. We dive into your peers, suppliers, clients, media, legislation – you name it. And identify which ratings & recognitions are relevant. We also focus on what your company is already doing regarding sustainability, the level of engagement and, more importantly, obtain an understanding of the level of ambition. Do you want to be a sustainable leader or a smart follower? With this foresight, together we formulate the basics with help of our strategy ladder: what are the values, principles, purpose, and vision? Which sustainability areas to focus on, and how may these be visualised in a framework? You will discover your organisation’s license to grow and thoroughly distinguish yourself from competition.



Ambitions, KPIs & targets​

Next, we dive deeper into the established focus areas. What is the ambition level per focus area? How do you compare to your peers? To what extent can the ambitions be measured and, if so, what should the measurement look like? To develop the right set of ambitions, workshops are provided to help you identify what is needed for future success. During these workshops, we will identify internal stakeholders, ensure a levelled playing field, and facilitate the internal dialogue. This provides a framework for internal action and external communication. The result? A well-balanced focus with the right ownership and support throughout the company.


Sustainability strategy and execution Sustainalize consultant
Sustainability strategy execution alignment


Alignment & autonomy

Strategy execution is all about putting strategy into practice. By successfully executing your sustainability ambitions, a company creates value for customers, employees, investors, and society. Its impact will be defined by the perfect balance between alignment and autonomy. However, balancing this can be difficult. It is important to answer the questions: What do we need to do? What do we need to be good at? The answers to these questions are your value drivers. The next step is finding out how will we measure progress along with these drivers (steering KPIs) and create a grip on performance. Sustainalize can help and support your organisation to track progress over time, start to secure reliable data quality, and align with external ratings and recognition. Efficient and concrete.


Sustainalize Impact Measurement



How does your organisation impact the planet and how do you envision this to be? Gain better insight into strategic risks and opportunities by making your impact transparent and measurable. Increasingly stakeholders (incl. shareholders) demand insight in your organization’s impact on its surrounding in the long run. Sustainalize helps you in assessing the actual needs of the organisation and allows you to focus on what matters most. Next, the calculations start. For example: the total environmental impact of a project or product is calculated, using Life Cycle Analysis (LCA). An organisation can use impact calculation to understand the operating environment, set company targets and report on it. Visualisation of regional impact differences enables succinct management decisions. Our impact methodology helps you map out these social costs and benefits, and allows you to make choices based on a complete picture.




You may have already formally formulated your ambitions with output KPIs and identified those activities that you need to do and/or need to be good at, combined with steering KPIs. Then you will have some form of measurements in place to track performance. In this realm, maturity varies, as does the use of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems. A clear understanding of the scope (what are we going to measure?) with a focus on purpose (does what we measure make sense?), versus the effort (does the benefit outweigh the effort?), is key. This necessity follows both the strategy & execution and impact measurement. As we move forward, we will not lose sight of your company’s existing objectives and starting points.


Sustainalize Performance Measurement Sustainability
Sustainalize Impact Data quality and reporting process

Data quality

& Reporting processes

Having the data is one thing; ensuring its quality is something else. Many standards and benchmarks require external verification to demonstrate data quality. Sustainalize enables you to turn data into actual information through reporting formats and dashboards. Our approach lays the land for external verification of the data. We run you through pre-verification rounds and supply you with proper reporting manuals and governance suggestions to lower your time investment in the external verification process to an absolute minimum.


Human rights

& Sustainable supply chains

In most organisations, the biggest impact is made in the supply chain. To accomplish your company’s strategy, you have to make sure your supply chain works towards the same sustainability goals as you are. Sustainalize uses internationally recognised standards and guidelines to identify those themes with the greatest impact within your supply chain. For example, we can help you make climate risks transparent in line with TCFD or demystify and embed human rights in your business. Having worked with and within companies, we recognise that translating the UNGPs into business language is crucial. We will guide you through these guidelines and identify the key steps for your organisation to prevent human rights violations in any chain of your organisation. Together we transform complex supply chain issues into concrete priorities for your company.


Sustainalize Human Rights
Sustainability reporting integrated and non financial reporting


& Non-financial reporting

How can you highlight the story behind your organisation’s sustainability efforts? One important aspect is transparency. Non-financial reporting allows companies to share their values and their approach to sustainability issues with the interested stakeholders. Also, more and more countries are adopting legislation that includes sustainability reporting. This can be in the form of a separate document or an integrated report. Sustainalize can either support you with the technical specs of non-financial reporting, such as bringing it in line with reporting standards and benchmarks or write the full report in accordance with your ambitions. For us, the challenge is equal. With our in-depth knowledge and experience, we support you in telling your sustainability story in the most authentic and transparent way.




Organisations play a pivotal role in society; people depend on them and vice versa. The opinions of both internal and external stakeholders affect the decisions and actions of organisations, who in turn have a direct impact on their surroundings. To determine the most relevant themes regarding people, planet and society, you consult your stakeholders. By creating a continuous dialogue, you give meaning to your stakeholders’ priorities and expectations. Sustainalize can help strengthen your stakeholder interactions in various ways, both online and offline (workshops, dialogue sessions, surveys, etc). That is how we translate your sustainability themes into priorities that really matter for your stakeholders.


Sustainability reporting Sustainalize stakeholder engagement
Sustainalize Sustainability communication



Sustainability communication can take different forms. Some organisations communicate more formally through their annual sustainability report, others want to communicate with their stakeholders more regularly. We can help with these choices. Based on our experience we present different options, after which we choose the form that best fits your organisation together. Including the related annual sustainability reporting requirements, such as the guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). 

Our in-depth knowledge of internal and external sustainability communication enables us to inform and engage with a wide audience. We formulate a plan to ensure that the shared information covers all sustainability topics that matters most to you and your stakeholders.


Ratings &


Sustainability and transparency go hand in hand. Stakeholders, laws and regulations and rating agencies increasingly expect companies to be open in their sustainability policy and performance. ESG is becoming a more and more important factor for investors to base their investment decisions on. As a result, the number of ESG benchmarks and ratings have made a huge flight. The most well-known are the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI), the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), Sustainalytics, MSCI, ISS, Vigeo-Eiris, Ecovadis and for larger Dutch companies the Transparency Benchmark (TB). At Sustainalize, we are known with their methodology and understand the challenges involved in complying with these benchmarks and ratings. In addition, our valuable partnerships with these companies can help to make communication and alignment easier. Sometimes it turns out during the process that not all the information is there, or that improvement is necessary. We translate your score into a concrete improvement plan and make the link with your business strategy.  This way, benchmarks and ratings can initiate a more sustainable management cycle.


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